Friday, June 08, 2007

Houses are wonderful but difficult

For a long time I've wanted a house of my own. I've been looking forward to all the great parts about owning your own house. You get to paint it as you please, you can install sound proofing and play your music as loud as you want, you get to make your living space as you want it. What I'd never thought about (and who does in their fantasies) was all the hard work and frustrations that go with owning a house. You've got to mow the lawn, keep a lot of space clean, fix or replace appliances when they break, and do everything else that is required to keep your house from being condemned and enjoyable to live in (or visit).

Over the last few years, my parents have been updating and fixing things in their house. It started with the desire for new flooring in the kitchen, and has culminated in a complete revamping of the entire house. Some of it is needed (thanks to certain poorly built walls), but most of it is redecorating. Although it's quite beautiful and rewarding when it's done, the long, frustrating hours my parents have had for the last year, as these most recent project have been going, have made me realize that even the fun stuff can be agonizing.

As much as I still look forward to someday buying my own house, I'm not so naive these days. At least I have an idea what I'm in for.