Thursday, November 03, 2005

Cleaning party!

I just got done cleaning for the night. 2 of my dearest friends helped. Yes, that's right, I enslaved 2 of my closest friends. But they do get to enjoy their handiwork when I have my party.

I wish I could say I was really done cleaning. If I were a superhero my one weakness would be paper. I've got so many paystubs and bills and crap piling up and I've got no idea what to do with it all. I've either got to throw more of it away, or I've got to get me a much bigger filing cabinet.

But beyond all that crap I've got my modeling stuff. That's the real problem. For a while I was really, really into scale modeling. In my fervor I collected a lot of stuff. a lot of difficult to pack away and or throw away stuff. I've got half-used paint jars. I've got parts lying about; an unfinished model collecting dust. Parts strewn about, needing a plastic home. What concerns me is: will the urge come back? Will winter set upon the world again and I shall be drawn to my paints and glue? Or am I done? Should I sell my collection, and discard my half-used paints and thinners? I wish I knew for certain. I've got to move in less than a month and it needs to be dealt with. Help!

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