Friday, March 07, 2008

Singing accents

Does anyone have a good explanation why some people sound like they're from elsewhere when they're singing? AC/DC never sounds Austrailian, Styx sounds British half the time.

Then again, no matter how hard the Scorpions try, they always sound like they're from Germany.


Anonymous said...

yes. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones and others worshiped American Music and emulated American accents. This established an unspoken rule that to be big in America, you sang with an American accent. Then a wave of British punks said to hell with that, and sang with cockney accents and sounded wicked. John Lennon had a few solo albums where he did this. Many American bands, worshiping the British punks, then tried to sound British. so, now we'll never get it sorted out.

Scorpicon said...

As always, you're a veritable fountain of information. Thanks for passing along the knowledge! :-)