Thursday, July 10, 2008

New York City?!

Get the rope.

Actually, get me stuff to do! I'm heading to NYC from July 24th-29th. I'll be hanging out with my sister some of the time, but during work hours on the weekdays I'll likely be on my own. I'm sure I'll go hit all the museums and such, but I want to hear about cool places to go and things to do that are rarely (if ever) in a guidebook.

Lay it on me, while I go get me some Texas salsa.


Anonymous said...

I heard the nintendo store in NYC is really awesome. Of course it lacks in all the neat old structure normal tourist spots but still would be on my list of must see, but then again I give a good amount of my income to them.

Anonymous said...

If you like Irish pubs, the Banshee (at somewhere around 81st and 1st) is phenomenal. At least I'm pretty sure it is - the owner kept comping car-bombs for my friends and me last time I was there.

Also - been a while, man. Hope all's well. =)

Scorpicon said...

Thanks for the suggestions!

I ended up at the Nintendo store on my first day. It's a nicely designed place with a tiny mini-museum, filled with old products and prototypes. No sign of VR-Boy that I saw. ;-)

I made it to so many bars I didn't even have time to check out Banshee, but thanks for letting me know about it.