Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Halloween Movie Script

For your enjoyment, I've written a short screenplay entitled: MissDial. The tag line is "They Missed By One Number."

Woman: beautiful brunette in early 20's, has soft voice
Man on phone: has raspy voice

[INTERIOR: Dimly lit living room]

Phone rings.


Man on phone coughs.

W:Can I help you?
W:No, I'm sorry, you must have the wrong number.
M:I don't think so.
W:Well, there's no Susan here.
M:Is this 555-2415?
W:No, it's 555-2416.

We hear the man hangup abruptly.

Cut to black. Roll credits.


rigtenzin said...

I don't get it, but I'm filling in the blanks with scenes of the hot brunette taking a bath in very soapy water.

Scorpicon said...

The thing is, I think you DO get it.

rigtenzin said...

I mean the bathtub is very, very soapy!