Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet Daisy "Daises With Wolves" McGais

This is Daisy. She is my dog. She would like to smother you in cuteness.

For those that know me, and know me pretty well, this should come as a surprise. Maybe it's because I've been a cat person since I can remember, or maybe it's because I'm a clean freak, or maybe it's because I told my wife I wouldn't get a dog until we got a house. It turns out, it's very difficult to just go "window shopping" for a dog when you get to reach into the window and hold them. So now I have a cute, sweet, fluffy canine that roams around our condo and shreds paper.

Also, she's a very good excuse to take lots and lots of photos.


rigtenzin said...

Just wait until it eats a bag of chocolate chips and the pukes it on your pillow.

Other than that, dogs are great.

tim said...

I'm sitting here in shock

Sarah Morean said...

Wonderful! What sweet dog. Those fluffy white ones are my favorites.

Also, the word verification necessary for this comment is "subbysac." Thought you should know.